Education certificates are vital in the current days because they show people have completed certain educational level since the certificates are issued after completion of learning programs. People have attained certificates, diplomas, and degrees in various fields and the certificate and transcripts are vital in the job application process, and without them no way people can prove their educational qualifications. Apart from the ordinary diplomas, there are fake diplomas which are designed to resemble the original diplomas, and they have increased in demand in the current days due to their increased uses. Fake diplomas are made from the original designs and companies which sell fake diplomas have samples of diplomas awarded colleges and universities within their areas of operation and people can also scan their diplomas to be used as samples during the designing process. Fake diplomas are used in various situations, and one of the situations is when people lose their original diplomas since they require education documents which will show their levels of qualification. Fake diplomas designed by professionals cannot be recognized as fake by employers, and other parties and people who lost their diplomas due to fire and misplacement are advised to look for the fake diplomas.

Fake diplomas can be used to be displayed on walls of houses to show visitors educational qualifications because it is risks to mount original diplomas on houses since they can be destroyed by water, dust, and fire. People who want fake diplomas can easily find them on the internet because agencies which offer sell them mainly operate on the internet and they have platforms where clients can share information about the type of fake diplomas they need to be designed and delivered to their homes and workplaces. Companies which design fake diplomas also design fake transcripts and packages to ensure people do not suffer from problems caused by issues related to their original certificates.

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